EVERY BED IS CUSTOM MADE TO ENSURE ULTIMATE COMFORT. In our range of adjustable beds superb quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident throughout its superb range of luxury beds, headboards and accessories.

Because of the bespoke custom made nature of our Rise and Recline Adjustable Beds we strongly recommend that a free home visit from one of our highly qualified team is requested. During this visit it can be determined exactly which features and functions will best suit the individual needs of the user. Such as the position of the bed in the room, is access required to only one side of the bed or two, bed transfers The height of a bed is critical if you transfer independently. A bed that is too low is difficult to rise from. Conversely, a bed that is too high is difficult to shuffle back on and to lift the legs up on to. The firmness of the mattress will also make a difference. The safe operation of an electically operated bed, the correct use of the handset if suplied, the use of Variable Posture Beds, variable posture beds have sections in the base under the mattress. The sections can hinge to form a back raise and sometimes a leg raise as well. This feature is known as profiling, is is very important that the user understands the correct - safe use of Variable Posture Beds.

Each bed is manufactured to the customers individual requirements in sizes ranging from 2' 3" to 6' 0" wide and 5' 8" to 7' 0" long (internal) You can also specify bed heights between 16" (foam mattress only) and 30" Standard upholstery is high quality cream damask with a choice of other fabrics available. All beds can be supplied with a choice of four mattresses - pocket sprung, luxury pocket sprung, Reflex foam and Reflexion memory foam.

HEAVY DUTY. All Rise & Recline standard beds (excluding Cromwell) can be upgraded to heavy duty specification with the addition of a special mechanism which incorporates two sets of motors, giving a total lift capacity of 35 stone. In this way luxury and comfort are not compromised and the look of the bed remains the same.

Bed safety rails, Bed safety rails (cotsides) are designed to help stop people rolling out of bed accidentally. They are not designed or intended to limit the freedom of people by preventing them from intentionally leaving their beds; nor are they intended to restrain people. It is essential that bed rails are suitable for the people who are using them and compatible with the particular beds being used.

Our no obligation home demonstration and home survey service is designed with you in mind. We appreciate how important it is for you to purchase the products which will make your life easier and which suit your homes specific requirements. Our friendly home service team are highly trained to assess all your needs and to provide the right products for you.Please remember that this service is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to buy whatsoever. It is just another example of our commitment to providing Jencare Mobility customers with an outstanding service that they can always rely on.

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