Fibre Glass Mid - Fold Ramp

Product Ref: Mid - Fold Ramp

Price: £614.83

Fibreglass Mid-fold Ramp.

The Fibreglass Mid-fold Ramp makes it easy to load scooters and wheelchairs into a vehicle. It folds in half across its width, making it easy to pack away, while its low weight makes it highly portable. It is made from glass reinforced plastic, which won’t tend to scratch paintwork and it comes complete with a non-slip coating.

  •   One Fibreglass Mid-fold Ramp.
  •   Dimensions 1830 x 710mm (72 x 28 inches)
  •   Internal width 635mm (25 inches)
  •   Length when folded 915mm (36 inches)
  •   Maximum load 250kg (39 stone)
  •   Suitable for scooters and wheelchairs

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