Liteway Balance Plus

Product Ref: Liteway Balance Plus

Price from: £1295.00

The enhanced design features of the Liteway Balance Plus make this the natural choice in terms of legroom, ease of steering and manoeuvrability for the independently minded.

Unique Magnetic Stabiliser Technology gives you increased stability in tight situations. The self-centering magnetic castor wheels come into contact with the ground when cornering, making all the difference to the stability and helping you feel totally in control right from the start.

Travelling light, takes on a whole new meaning with the Liteway Balance Plus. This lightweight, compact scooter features a two-piece chassis designed to disassemble with ease and fit comfortably into the boot of a car. Great news when you’re out and about on your own or with friends and family.


  •  Magnetic Stabiliser Wheel Technology
  •  Easy to use controls with comfortable handgrips.
  •  Angled tiller for comfortable driving position.
  •  Adjustable tiller position.
  •  Extra wide, adjustable armrests.
  •  Padded seat for extra comfort.
  •  Carries riders up to 21 stone.
  •  Removable lightweight batter pack for ease of charging.
  •  9” solid tyres for stability and improved grip.
  •  Stylish alloy wheels.
  •  Two-piece chassis with latch-lock system.


  •  Overall length 107cm (42”)
  •  Overall width 60.5cm (23.8”)
  •  Maximum rider weight 136kg (300lbs)
  •  Batteries 2x14amp
  •  Standard Battery pack weight (15 amp)
     9.6kg (21.2lbs)
  •  Optional Battery pack weight (24 amp)
     16kg (36lbs)
  •  Seat weight with arms 10.2kg (22.5lbs)
  •  Ground clearance 5cm (2”)
  •  Total weight 54kg (119lbs)
  •  Maximum range Standard 15amp battery**14.4km (9miles)
  •  Maximum range Optional 24amp battery** 26km (16miles)
  •  Maximum speed 6.4kph (4mph)
  •  Front wheel size 17.8 x 4.5cm (7 x1.75”)
  •  Rear wheel size 20.3 x 7.1cm (8 x 2.8”)
  •  Colours Salsa Red, Icelandic Blue and Graphite