The TRAVELUX Boost 4

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Price from: £795.00

Compact, easy portability are the keywords for this elegant scooter where quite often a lot of fun you have! The TRAVELUX Boost 4 is easily removable and offers comfort.

The scooter can be disassembled into five parts. This allows you to carry it easily in almost any car.

The TRAVELUX Boost is equipped with speed control, battery indicator, swivel chair (45 degrees), width-adjustable folding armrests, adjustable backrest angle and convenient shopping basket.

The TRAVELUX Boost 4 is equipped with:

  • speed setting;
  • battery indicator;
  • swivel chair (45 degrees);
  • width adjustable folding armrests;
  • angle-adjustable backrest;
  • handy shopping basket.