Wingmore Height Adjustable Trolley

Product Ref: Wingmore Trolley

Price: £52.00

he Wingmore Height Adjustable Trolley (in increments of 25 mm) is the ideal solution to enable safe and easy transfer of meals around the house. The tray of the kitchen trolley has a unique patented (GB 2389801) clip-on/clip-off feature making it ideal for easy cleaning, recycling and reissue. The castors, manufactured from polypropylene, are amazingly resistant to damage, they also incorporate a patented wheel guard to reduce hair and fibre entrapment.

  • Patent clip-on/clip-off trays
  • Ideal For Re-Issue
  • Large 100 mm castors with wheel guards as standard to reduce trapped hair or waste
  • Suitable for pressure washing and industrial cleaning making it ideal for re-issue