Parts and Servicing

Jencare Ltd has a fully equipped workshop on site, where we provide repairs and servicing for the full range of Scooters and Power chairs.

We can provide diagnostic, safety, and rolling road testing as required, we also offer a battery testing service. We are able to supply and fit replacement parts for most Scooters and Power chair.

JenCare ServicingOur servicing includes the collection, test, valet, and return of your Scooter or Power chair, and if any further work needs to be carried out we will notify you. We will never carry out any work without the customer’s authorisation.

Subject to availability we can provide a courtesy Scooter while yours is being serviced or repaired.

Please note that Mobility Scooters are not waterproof, so there use in heavy rain should be avoided. For the same reason they should be stored in a completely waterproof environment, never charge the battery outside in damp or rainy conditions.

If you suffer a breakdown or need a repair, we charge a call out fee, the cost of which includes the first hours labour. The call out fee will vary according to where you live and the distance travelled. Please call us and we will be happy to provide a fixed call out fee for your particular post code.

Jencare Mobility will be pleased to assist with providing quotes for insurance companies and carrying out insurance repairs.

When the time comes to upgrade or replace your Scooter, we will be happy to take your old Scooter in part exchange for a fair and reasonable price.

A typical service will include:

  • Electronic controller function and reading
  • Wheel alignment and steering check
  • Bearings & motor brushes, check, clean and replacement
  • Regenerative braking system, function check
  • Battery charging system, check
  • Battery condition report
  • Brakes/Lights all checked
  • Tyre wear and damage report, pressure adjustments
  • Electrical wiring and terminal checks
  • Seat and freewheel operation and lubrication
  • Transaxle condition check and lubrication (certain models)
  • Valet


Battery Charging Procedure.

  1. Always recharge your batteries after use, for at least 8 hours
  2. It is very important that batteries are charged for at least 8 hours to give the battery the full cycle of charge needed to run at their optimum level
  3. Never run your batteries completely flat
  4. If you intend not to use your Scooter or Power chair for a period longer than two weeks, please ensure that the batteries are charged fully for at least 12 hours, once each week
  5. Please plug the battery charger into your Scooter or Power chair before connecting to mains power.


Battery technology has changed considerably over the past few years. Powerchair and Scooter batteries today, offer far more power but delivered in the same size package, they provide more consistent performance. 

When storing a Powerchair or Scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries and then disconnect them.

Always store your batteries Fully Charged, Never run your batteries completely flat. Always recharge your battery after use. If you have to store your Powerchair / Scooter, disconnect your batteries and make sure they are fully charged and then charged at least once a month, or weekly if possible.